The Canadian PM Justin Trudeau has concluded his visit to India. While he was snubbed in India, he was given the heartiest welcome by Punjabis.

Throughout the weeklong visit, he was mocked on what Indian journalists called him “Bollywood actor” due to his different Indian dresses. A cartoon published by the Time of India has insulted the Canadian PM and many within the delegation are unhappy.

An interesting message on social media summed up the visit:

“He did not need to dress up in Indian attire but he chose to because he wanted to not look like any other PM. He wanted Indians to feel comfortable with him and his family. However, the media and many Journalists made fun of him in this regard. People have to learn from someone from a foreign country on how to dress and yet still be criticized and get termed as a “Bollywood actor.” To those who criticized him and his Indian dresses, shame on you for not respecting someone that is respecting you.”

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