Car Looted in Daylight in Jagraon (Video)

Jagraon is an important religious center for Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims as well as Jains. Jagraon (Jagrawan – The place of the Rais) was founded by Rai Kamaluddin father of Rai Kalha III of Raikot in 1680 AD.

Gurdwara Mehdiana Sahib is known for its unique depiction of scenes from Sikh history, especially those of atrocities committed on the Sikhs by various Mughal rulers, in the form of life-sized statues.

Jagraon is more than three centuries old. It has been thought by some that the city’s original name was Jagar aon, meaning A place of great flooding, although this flooding has since ceased. It could also be argued that Jagraon actually derives from a source with a suffix -graon being a development of the Sanskrit Grama, meaning Village as found in the Hindi word Gaon.

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