Captain Amrinder Singh’s Congress party organized a rally with over 5 Lakh people. The rally has been the biggest one to date with mammoth numbers never before seen in the history of Punjab.

The crowd was extremely large and the venue wasn’t able to hold the crowd causing surrounding areas to be occupied. People crawled up n electricity transformers to view the rally.

There had to be several announcements from stage to tell the people to get off the transformers.

During the rally, Captain swear to the Gutka Sahib that he would full fill all the promises he laid out.

The 26th Hukam of the 52 Hukams of Guru Gobind Singh Ji states “Do not believe a person who swears (one who tries/attempts to convince someone with a ‘saun or saugandh’).”

It’s strictly prohibited to swear using Gurbani.

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