Captain Amrinder Singh addressed supporters of the Congress party in Milipitas, California where he was served summons related to defamation against Sikhs for Justice. The group states that Captain linked them to ISI.

Captain Served Summons by dailysikhupdates

Punjab Congress chief Captain Amarinder Singh faced some heavy protests in Fresno, California where he was met with bottles and shoes thrown at him and chased away by local Sikh sangat.

In recent months the Shiromani Akali Dal members have also faced some heavy protests and criticism but today’s incident showed that these events were not reserved only for the Akali Dal but for anybody who has been involved in, or covered up the killings of Sikhs in Punjab.

Notably Captain Amarinder Singh had cancelled his events in Canada but when visiting neighboring USA, he got a taste of what would have been awaiting him in Canada too.

Shoe Thrown at Captain by dailysikhupdates

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