A Canadian woman yelled racial slurs at Jaswinder Singh Dhaliwal this past Wednesday at a military club in Prince Edward Island, Canada because religious head gear was against the rules.

Below is the Prince Edward Island military area.

She threatened to rip off the turban and that she would throw it if the man entered with his head gear on. The club is exclusive to ex military personnel where Dhaliwal wanted to play pool with his friends. The woman said she was offended because headgear would cause disrespect to the veterans.

Resemblance of the man’s turban

Dhaliwal became victim of racial slurs for wearing the turban. He had told the woman that it was part of his religion and he wouldn’t be able to take the turban off. The management of the realized the mistake and apologized on behalf of the woman and had a discussion on religious headgear.

The woman also ended up apologizing as she stated that she wasn’t aware of the Sikh headgear.

The Canadian woman, however, claimed that when she first asked the Sikh man to remove the turban, she thought it was just a normal headgear. Reportedly, the woman yelled “Take your f–king hat off, it’the f–king law here.”

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