HS Phoolka has received tremendous support in the first week of his trip to Canada. The trip is being regarded as a personal trip but HS Phoolka has met with some of the biggest supporters of AAP in Canada. The trip is a warm up for larger political trips to come in the near future.

The Sikh supporters of the AAP party in Canada overwhelmingly prefer HS Phoolka over other AAP leaders due to the flawless record of Phoolka on Sikh issues. Phoolka spent the last 30 years fighting for cases for the 1984 victims without charging any fees. He’s the only reason why 1984 cases are still being fought in courts otherwise the issue wouldn’t have received as much press coverage. Sikh institutions failed tremendously as no one came to the rescue of the 1984 victims.

It’ll be a matter of time until HS Phoolka gets announced as the official CM candidate but chances are very high for Phoolka over other candidates.

A video shows some members of AAP Canada showing support to HS Phoolka:

Phoolka saab live dinner with people

Posted by ਰਘਬੀਰ ਸਿੰਘ ਭਰੋਵਾਲ on Saturday, March 5, 2016

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