The SGPC officials will be directing the Granthi Singhs of Sri Harmandar Sahib to not give a Siropa to the Canadian Premier Kathleen Wynee for being a lesbian and due to strained relations with the Sikh Community of Ontario.


Kathleen Wynee will be visiting Sri Amritsar Sahib on her ten day business meeting to India.

The SGPC has maintained a stance of the Akal Takht to not recognize same sex marriage. The decision comes during a time when the relations with premier and minorities took a downturn.

Political pandits have stated the move to visit Sri Harmandar Sahib is an attempt by the Premier to be accepted by the Sikh community in Canada.

Kathleen Wyne responded after the Hindustan Times report reached her by stating to the Star:

“It took me aback. But homophobia is not surprising,” Wynne said in interview as she prepared for her Golden Temple pilgrimage.
“We’ve just been through that in Ontario. We know that it’s there. The best antidote is to carry on,” the premier said.

“I feel strongly about going to the Golden Temple because it is such an important place for the country, but it’s such an important place for people in Ontario,” she said.

“I’ve heard the stories so many times from Indo-Canadians and I want to honour that place,” added Wynne.

“So I will go in any case. Whatever the capital-P, small-P politics around that, I know I will be welcomed. I have been welcomed since I got here. People have been gracious and very happy that we’re here. So I am focusing on why we came.”

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