Ontario Premier visited Sri Harmandar Sahib today and ended up receiving the Siropa at a private event where the press wasn’t allowed. She was quoted saying, “I got the ‘siropa’ and we exchanged gifts and it was a lovely experience,” said Wynne.


The Canadian newspaper The Star confirmed the Siropa was given to her:

“But Wynne was presented with the orange cotton robe in a private ceremony at the end of a tour that also saw her preparing chapati in the massive kitchen that serves 70,000 free meals to pilgrims every day.”

The Premier toured Sri Harmandar Sahib complex doing a photo op while performing seva at Guru Ram Das Langar Hall. She also saw the bullet ridden damaged wall where tanks of the Indian army entered in 1984.

She was presented with a gold plated picture of Sri Harmandar Sahib along with Sikh literature and the Siropa.

Wynne was quoted by the Tribune: “Thank you for the very humbling and special visit to this beautiful sacred place”.

There are several causes for why Wynne shouldn’t have received the Siropa.

Amneet Bali explained that Wynne’s track record against Sikhs has been terrible.

“Kathleen Wynne’s track record on Sikh issues has been abysmal at best. When a member of her own legislature, Jagmeet Singh, was denied a visa to India, she did nothing. Further, in her previous role as minister of transportation, she ignored massive demonstrations and pleas from the Sikh community to not meet with Genocide perp, Kamal Nath.”

The Premier is also against of allowing an exemption to turban wearing Sikhs while riding motorcycles.

She was approached by an SGPC member regarding the issue quoted the Star:

“The head of the temple wanted to talk about one issue. You know what it was? Turbans on motorcycles, helmets on motorcycles. He’s going to send me a letter requesting that I consider it. I was very clear with him where I was coming from,” she said, referring to Ontario’s safety law that does not allow religious exemptions from wearing a motorcycle helmet.

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