Canadian police have released a video in Punjabi making parents aware and alert about whether their child is part of the drug crime world.

Recently, Canadian news channels have released reports of the Punjabi gang problem in and around Vancouver:

The Punjabi community gets targeted by a Canadian news channel over glorifying violence in the music videos. The news reporter pointed towards the Punjabi community in particular stating that the “Lyrics all about carrying guns, many young Indo-Canadians are listening to it.”

A parent interviewed by the channel stated that it’s “disturbing” that kids are listening to the violent lyrics. A DJ interviewed by the channel said, “it’s all fake, half of those in the video carry a gun for the first time in the video.”

The singer Sidhu Moosewala was mentioned in the report as the most influential and popular singer of Canada who sings songs related to guns.

Here are some phone numbers if you suspect your child has become part of the drug crime world:

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