Canadian Prime Minister Mr Stephen Harper shared video performing Sewa at on his official facebook page. He said, “PM Laureen and I were honoured to perform Seva with so many Sikh-Canadians at the Scarborough Gurdwara yesterday.”

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper brought his campaign to the Greater Toronto Area this morning with an announcement aimed at helping new Canadians get their foreign credentials recognized so they can find work in their chosen professions.

Harper announced new money for the Foreign Credential Recognition Loan program during a visit to a Markham, Ont., manufacturing plant.

“When doctors are driving taxis and engineers are waiting tables, Canada can do better and Canada must do better,” Harper said.

The federal government introduced the loan program in 2011 as a pilot project. It was made permanent just this year, when the budget put aside $35 million for it over five years.

Harper promised Thursday to offer 20,000 more loans to immigrants wanting to get their credentials recognized, adding $8 million a year over the next five years to more than double the program.

Harper knows how crucial the Sikh vote will be to win the upcoming parliamentary elections.

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