Former Canadian Defense Minister MP Jason Kenny inside the Canadian Parliament denounced the anti-Sikh racist posted outside of University of Alberta.

“No place in our open and pluralistic society they get anti-suit posters recently appeared on the campus of University of Alberta.

I know I speak for all members and announcing these expressions of hatred. Mr Speaker, many sikhs have fought bravely for our country with the turban including our minister of defense as a sign of their fidelity.

I’m proud to belong to a government that defended this and other expressions of religious freedom such as the right of Sikhs to wear Kirpans in schools. In this Parliament and our embassies abroad and that stopped mandatory removal of turbans at airport security screening but while condemning prejudice directed it seeks and other religious minorities we must also win hearts and minds.

That’s why I’m delighted that many alike Hardeep Singh sandhu are organizing a funk your turban event at the uofa campus next tuesday I encourage all Albertans to attend to show their solidarity for our Sikh community and for Canada’s pluralism”

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