The newly elected Federal leader of the NDP party of Canada is getting married according to viral posts on Instagram. Reportedly, the couple held a ‘Roka’ ceremony which is a meeting of the soon to be bride and groom with close family members. The meeting usually marks the official bonding of the two families and paves the way for the engagement.

The spokesman for Jagmeet Singh did not confirm that the ceremony was a ‘Roka’ but confirmed a few days later that the families had met and celebrated together.

The pictures seen on various Instagram accounts pointed towards the couple being in a relationship.


A lovely photograph of the couple by photographer Gaganshooter

The two families pose with each other


Bhangra entrance by Jagmeet Singh posted on Instagram by Dj K Square

The bride of Jagmeet Singh is also seen in the Fifth Estate video when the NDP Federal Leader election results were announced. The two held each others hand and hugged each other after the win.

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