Canadian Hosts Declare Jagmeet Singh Winner of PM Debate

Jagmeet Singh won the Debate!
“In the winner category, you can put a check mark next to NDP leader Jagmeet Singh’s name… He’s risen to the occasion many times over the course of this campaign and I think that he did so again tonight.” — Vassy Kapelos, CBC News

“Jagmeet had some of the best lines of the night. He had the lines that are going to play with the average Canadians. They were short, they were snappy, they speak to Canadians.” — Mercedes Stephenson, Global News

“The most interesting person tonight was Mr. Singh. Of the leaders tonight he was the most comfortable on stage. If Twitter traffic matters, he dominated the night. Both in volume and positive coverage it was about Jagmeet Singh.” — Darrell Bricker, IPSOS

“Jagmeet Singh was pretty strong, hopeful, positive” — Michel Boyer, CTV News

“Jagmeet Singh was the big winner, acting the most Prime Ministerial.” — André Picard, Globe and Mail

“1st Quarter of this debate goes too…. Jagmeet Singh. He’s comfortable, speaking naturally and eloquently. He’s got nothing to lose and it shows. He’s doing well.” — Mark Towhey, Sun News

“Singh is strong tonight. He’s picking up steam on the hustings. Natural campaigner. Tonight’s zinger: Canadians don’t have to choose between Mr. Delay (Trudeau) and Me Deny (Scheer) on climate change action.” — Mercedes Stephenson, Global News

“Singh lands a blow with the government’s challenge to a compensation order for First Nations kids in care. He’s heads and tails above the others on this file.” — Robyn Urback, CBC News

“So far, Singh doing best tonight, I think. Exceeding expectations, seems at ease, repeatedly suggesting Trudeau too soft on rich and powerful.” — Stephen Maher, Maclean’s

“Singh was really strong on this. Won that round, hands down.” — Glen McGregor, CTV

“Jagmeet Singh sounds comfortable and conversational in debate section… Not really debating (which is good) speaking to the TV audience.” — Mark Towhey, Sun News

“And Singh, right off the bat, makes the best first impression. That’s my 2c.” — David Akin, Global News

“Singh’s pretty darn good at this.” — David Akin, Global News

“Jagmeet Singh is looking calm on this issue of Bill 21, and has moral authority. It’s likely a very strong moment for him in this debate.” — Evan Solomon, CTV News

“This is my first extended exposure to Jagmeet Singh. He is the only one on this stage I can relate to at all. I’m impressed.” — Damien Cox, Toronto Star

“I may disagree with most of what Jagmeet Singh has to say – but he’s coming out swinging and so far dominating this debate. — Tasha Kheiriddin, Commentator

“This Q from Singh is tailor-made for one of the core NDP messages through the whole campaign: that Libs and Tories are two different shades of the same thing.” — Shannon Proudfoot, Maclean’s

“Singh talking about climate change goes right to forest fires and floods…done a decent job of talking to regular folks.” — Josh Visser, VICE Canada

“Jagmeet Singh is crushing this debate.” — Lauren O’Neil, BlogTO

“Singh got off a good line to Bernier: ‘You could have just said, hey man, I messed up.’ Point Singh.” — Keith Baldrey, Global News

“Singh jumps in and points out that Trudeau and Scheer are fighting about ‘who is worse for Canada.’ Singh uses this to pivot to his platforms and how universal pharmacare and dental care will save families money.” — Annie Bergeron Oliver, CTV News

“Singh takes the Q. He says divisions are growing because of ‘hateful discourse.’ He says people’s worries are being exploited, and these worries are because of government neglect of housing, health care, jobs.” — Alex Ballingall, Toronto Star

“Best line of the night so far goes to Jagmeet Singh: ‘(Trudeau and Scheer) are arguing over who’s worse for Canada…we should be debating what’s best for Canada.” — James Cybulski, SN650 Vancouver

“Singh: “Mr. Scheer and Mr. Trudeau are arguing over who will be worse for Canada.” Captures the feeling I had there pretty well.” — Josh Tabish, CIRA News

“Singh says JT and AS are talking about who’d be worst for Canada. We ought to focus on who’s better. Singh is having a great night. Clear. Values talk. Broad at times, specific at others. A real human. Sweet suit. On message.” — David Moscrop, Washington Post

“I want to get back to Jagmeet Singh for a moment. To me, he seemed to be the most in control of himself and what was going on.” — Mirella Fernandez, CTV News

“Many agree that Jagmeet Singh performed very well in the face of the revelations of Justin Trudeau’s blackface. He has been quite strong in the first debate for instance, and he has performed well.” — Adrienne Batra, Toronto Sun

“I think that the people feeling the best tonight are the New Democrats. They feel that Jagmeet Singh has had his best week this week, since becoming leader.” — David Cochrane, CBC News

“Singh is having a helluva night.” — David Akin, Global News

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