Canadian Defense Minister, the Honorable Jason Kenney stated in a press conference the Akali Dal can not come to Canadian soil and tell who to vote for.

The Defense Minister of Canada lashed out at the Akali Dal for visiting Canada and promoting Punjab politics to Canadian citizens.

Mr. Kenney said:

There is a law in 2006 that prohibits in the context of voting. There is something inappropriate for foreign politicians for coming in and engaging openly in foreign politics on Canadian soil.

When I or Mr Uppal go to India, we talk about bilateral relation, we talk about trade, immigration, cultural exchanges. We don’t go to India and not meet with Indian Ministers and only meet with people of Canada and tell them who to vote for.

We don’t think that’s appropriate.

We would encourage foreign visitors if they are politicians to come either on private visits or promote bilateral relations and not get overally mixed in with their domestic politics on Canadian soil.

Canadian Defense Minister Says Akali Dal Can't… by dailysikhupdates

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