Worldwide Kabaddi Federations choose to boycott World Kabaddi Cup happening in November in Punjab. The Kabaddi Federations and groups from the following countries have chosen to boycott the World Kabaddi Cup USA, Canada, England, Italy, and Germany.

Kabaddi Plaer Sandeem Nangal Ambia posted on social network and called for boycott of the Kabaddi World Cup
Via: Canadian Punjabi Post

The Kabaddi Federation of Ontario held a meeting where it was decided that the Canadian Kabaddi groups would boycott this years World Kabaddi Cup in Punjab. The reason for the boycott was stated as: “Due to the ongoing sacrilege of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj in Punjab and the killings of innocent Sikh protesters we have chosen to boycott the World Kabaddi Cup. “

The Ontario Kabaddi Federation appealed to all other worldwide Kabaddi Federations to boycott the upcoming Kabaddi World Cup.

The South England Kabaddi players released a joint statement:

South England Kabaddi Players have decided that no one will be attending:

“Badal Kabaddi World Cup”

Due to no actions being taken by the Punjab Government on the beadbi of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. And innocent Sikhs brothers being killed for their peaceful protest.

These following players will not be attending the World Kabaddi Cup;

Manga Mithpuria, Aman Johal, Amarjit Singh, Kulvinder Singh, Jassa Khera, Satvinder Bing (Seta), Jatinder Chatha (Jet), and Supporters; Amrit Mangwalia, Benny Dhaliwal, and Raju Dinewala.

California Kabaddi Federation of USA boycotting 2015 World Kabaddi Cup due to Punjab Government not taking action on People that disrespected Sikhism and Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

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