Canada Fails Afghan Sikhs: “Afghan Sikhs Not Considered Refugees” Says MP

Canadian Government official in an Interview with a Canadian Punjabi news outlet has stated Canada cannot bring the Afghan refugees directly from Afghanistan.

MP Randeep Singh Sarai told a Surrey news outlet that the Afghan refugees would have to seek refuge in a neighboring country and only than can the Canadian government provide them help. MP Sarai further stated that the attack on the Afghan Sikhs was not by the government. MP Sarai implied that in order to become a refugee the Sikhs have to flee Afghanistan on their own and than wait in line until the cases of those ahead of them are settled.

Sikhs in Canada expressed frustration over the Canadian government’s slow response to the Afghan Sikh crisis. Several Sikhs stated they were willing to spend 5 million dollars to bring the Afghan Sikhs to safety. However, the Canadian government has implied it may take several years for the Afghan Sikhs to arrive in Canada.

Here is the video where the MP makes the comments:

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