So Called Sikh “Priests” Charging $2K For Interfaith Marriages (Video)

From the website of the so called “Priests” wanting $2,000 for interfaith marriages with Guru Granth Sahib Ji
“We are based in Vancouver Canada area, our rates for California, East Coast destinations, Mexico/Hawaii/Caribbean vary. Our professional fees are US $2000 and expenses are added to this. Please contact us for a quote and our terms.We will add the following Expense Fees: (Travel between 4-6 days) All Expenses (for 2) from Vancouver to the your wedding destination inclusive of: Travel/Flights, Hotel, Car Rentals, Gas, Tolls, Parking, Room/Board, Baggage, Insurance, Meals, and Incidentals.

PS. We do bring the appropriate Sikh Scriptures and their respective materials and perform all the music for the Sikh Wedding ceremony. ”

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