Delhi Police decided on Tuesday to take on students who have been agitating outside the University Grants Commission office since last week to protest against the scrapping of certain fellowships. According to students who were at the scene dozens of policemen chased protesters who had been trying to ‘occupy’ UGC, leaving some severely injured. The students were then allegedly taken in vans to a police station.

Message Shared by the Akhil Kumar who posted the video of Delhi Police Brutality on students:

“This is what happens when you assert your right to education. This is what the Modi govt. does to you if you dare oppose their move to privatize and destroy public education!

Here’s the video from yesterday for which these goons in uniform targeted me and beat me up brutally. The footage has survived, even though they damaged my camera. Please share widely. And this is just a small part of what I was able to shoot, they ran after me and physically assaulted me, so couldn’t record most of what they did.

DCP (Central), Paramaditya said, “No one was lathicharged. Policemen did not have lathis… the protesters attacked and injured policewomen.”

Delhi Police lathi charge on students by dailysikhupdates

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