Two brothers killed each other in Delhi after a dispute over a parking spot outside of their Model Town house this past Thursday night.

The brothers named Gurjeet and Jaspal were in a feud involving ancestral property worth about Rs 100 Crore and over the parking spot.

A woman was also killed in the incident who was shielding her husband Jaspal from the bullets fired by Gurjeet’s security officers.

The oldest brother Satnam Singh told the media that his brothers had many cars and their wasn’t enough parking spaces for all of the vehicles.

The tragic event unfolded when around Jaspal said goodbye to his friend Rajeev around 11pm and then Gurjeet arrived in his Audi and asked Jaspal to move his car.

The brothers got into a heated argument and the security officers of Gurjeet broke the windshield of Jaspal’s car.

The oldest brother Satnam told the media the time of India:

Their elder brother, Satnam, who was reversing his own car nearby, said Jaspal presumed that Gurjeet’s PSOs would attack him and pulled out his kirpan. The argument led to a scuffle during which Jaspal stabbed Gurjeet. When Jagnoor tried to intervene he, too, was injured.
Seeing Gurjeet collapse, Vikky and Pawan opened fire at Jaspal. In the meantime, Jaspal’s wife, who had stepped out of their house to resolve the issue and tried to save her husband, was hit in the head by a bullet. Jaspal tried to run away but was shot in the hip twice. He managed to enter a neighbour’s house and lie down on a swing.

Hearing the gunshots, Jaspal’s daughter, Harpriya, rushed out and raised an alarm, following which the PSOs fled. “She found her mother on the road, bleeding from the head, and took her to a hospital with the help of a couple passing by. No one had noticed Jaspal, who by then was unconscious on the swing at the neighbour’s house,” said Satnam.

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