A shocking story has surfaced which details how the British Sportsmen used Indian babies for hunting crocodiles. The inhuman behavior of the British shows that they were willing to go to far extents to meet their pleasures even risking the life of a baby.



The New York Sun Reported:
“Lured By Babies”

How the British Sportsmen Hunt Crocodiles in India

“We used to have great sport in India going after crocodiles with Hindu babies for bait,” said an ex-officer of the British Army. The baby wasn’t baited on a book like a minnow or fish work, but simply secured on the river bank so that it couldn’t creep or toddle away or tumble into the river. Some babies don’t like their being made crocodile bait of, but that fact increased their value to sportsmen, for then they yelled and made a great noise, which was just what the crocodiles were waiting to hear, and they’d come hurrying from all directions to have a chance at the babies.

” Where did we get these babies for bait? From their mothers. All the fellow who wanted to go crocodiling had to do was to noise abroad his intention, and it wasn’t long before native women woul flock in with their babies to be rented out for bait. The ruling price per heard for the young heathen was about 6 cents for the day. Some mothers require a guanrantee that their offspring should be returned.

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