The British Sikh Doctors Organization inspired by Bhai Khaniya Ji has conducted more than 10,000 free health checks in the past five years. The group accomplished the incredible feat at various community centers and offered services such as screening and giving free health advice.


A total of about 150 doctors and medical students took part in the Seva across the UK while spreading awareness of Sikhs through such charitable work.

The British Sikh Doctors Organization say they use the teachings of Sikhi and put it into practice through there work by educating others through classes and providing medical needs to the underprivileged.

One of the founding members was quoted saying, ‘Our simple screening programme has been done all over the UK, in London, Essex, the Midlands, Sheffield and Glasgow. We have found many unwell people and have helped them understand their illness.

‘We hope to take pressure off our colleagues working in emergency departments and GP surgeries by giving people knowledge about their own health, and helping to prevent illnesses.’

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