British PM Visits Gurdwara For Sikh Votes, Says “Sikh Contribution Immense”

The Prime Minister of Britain visited a Leamington and Warick Gurdwara Sahib early morning on Friday to discuss the important issues of the Sikh community. David Cameron’s visit is very timely as the elections for the country are ahead in May. Sikhs have a big influence on 50 to 100 seats of the total 650 seats in Parliament.

PM Cameron made his timely visit to the Gurdwara to gain Sikh support as Sikh vote is detrimental for a political victory.




The 2011 Census showed that nearly 430,000 Sikhs live in the UK, but actual numbers are close to 750,000.

The British Sikh community has been well involved in politics in recent days by releasing the first ever Sikh Manifesto which targets 50 seats. In many of the seats, the Sikh vote can make the difference of winning or losing.

“British Sikhs make an amazing contribution to our country. My video from the Gurdwara Sahib Leamington and Warwick:”

The Prime Minister gives a message to the Sikh Community outside the Gurdwara Sahib.

PM Cameron Message to Sikh Community by dailysikhupdates

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