British General Became Tremendously Scared After Looking at Akali Phoola Singh

A British Major G.M Carmichel witnessed a Akali Phoola Singh and Sikh forces take on the Afghans  in a battle. He wrote in a book titled ‘History of the Reigning Family of Lahore,’ of the event. The words of the British man reveal the fearlessness of the Sikh warriors of the time who despite having guns took to their swords and attacked the enemy. The battle was won by the Sikhs who were severely outnumbered against the Afghans. 

The Major wrote:

‘Phoola Singh ordered his men to dismount and let their horses go. This was done, and at the same instant the Akalees shouted their war cry of “Wah-Gooroojee!” which the Afghans, as loudly, answered with their “Allah!Allah!” The horses, set at liberty, either from habit or alarmed by the tumult, rushed wildly forward and into the ranks of the enemy.

This strange and unexpected attack caused dome confusion in the Afghan host, observing which, the Akalees, throwing down their matchlocks, rushed forward sword in hand with such impetuosity as to drive back the enemy, and to secure themselves a footing on the hill.’
– ‘History of the Reigning Family of Lahore,’ Smyth, Major G.M. Carmichel (Calcutta: Thaker & Co.- St. Andrew’s Library, 1847. Reprint: Delhi, Parampara Publications, 1979), 189-90.

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