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“I am a Sikh.
And I am not a terrorist.

I need to say, I’m tired of Sikhs from around the world being racially attacked because of extremists who are a minority of a whole different religion.

Sikhs have been confused for being Muslims, mainly because all that the Media show on TV are Middle eastern terrorists who also happen to sometimes wear turbans.


But before I carry on, I need to say, not all Muslims are terrorists. All my Muslim friends believe in peace and are normal people.
But that’s beside the point.

What I’m trying to say is, when you see a man wearing a Turban and has a beard, don’t call him a “paki” , because he’s probably not from Pakistan, most Sikhs are from India. Don’t call him “Bin Laden” , because Bin Laden was never a Sikh, and has no connection with Sikhs whatsoever.

The other week I saw a video on Facebook of a young Sikh boy being bullied because he has a turban.

I wish people understood the reason why Sikhs wear turbans.

A turban is our crown, it’s our uniform. It’s reminds us of our duty to serve humanity and to love all.”

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