Bride Abandons Wedding After Finding Groom Drunk

A bride in Mahoba district shocked family and guests after she refused to marry the groom after finding him drunk. The incident occurred on April 28th and the groom and his party had to return back home humiliated and heart broken.

The bride made the decision to leave just before the ‘Jaimaala’ ceremony when she saw the groom fighting with her family over music. Immediately, she left the wedding leaving the guests and family shocked.

“At the ‘mandap’, the priest who was getting disturbed while chanting mantras, asked the siblings of the girl to stop playing DJ music. When they stopped the DJ, Arvind and his relatives who were drunk started quarelling with them and created a scene. Neha, who was witness to the entire drama, called off the wedding,” informed SHO Rajiv Yadav.

The bride’s family supported the decision and told the groom’s family to return back as they said the quarrel with their family over music was uncalled for.

“The marriage party was looking like a party of drunken people. Neha could not tolerate that the boy who is going to be her better half should come in an inebriated state. She could not digest that after taking liquor the groom should utter abusive words to her relatives,” said a relative of the girl.

The groom’s side later approached the police but was advised not to pursue the case.

“What can police do, if a girl refuses to marry a drunk man,” said SHO Yadav.

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