Breaking: Youtube Deletes Basics of Sikhi Account

Basics of Sikhi’s YouTube account was disabled or deleted by YouTube outraging Sikhs worldwide. The account was not found when it was searched for in YouTube causing Sikhs to tweet and sent YouTube Support messages by the thousands.

Basics of Sikhi was founded by the late Bhai Jagraj Singh who motivated Sikhs around the world to learn about Sikhi and to embrace the faith. He created YouTube videos in a simple manner to teach the public how the philosophy of Sikhism. The Sikh youth connected with Bhai Jagraj Singh’s message and embraced the faith. Bhai Jagraj Singh travelled throughout the world to spread Guru Nanak’s message and founded the organization Everything’s13 to help support the various platforms in created such as Basics of Sikhi and the Sikh Press Association.

The legacy of Bhai Jagraj Singh laid in the hundreds of YouTube videos he created in a short span of time. The videos of him doing street parchar was seen by millions as it was the first time a Sikh speaker took to the streets to spread the message of the Gurus in a foreign country.

Basics of Sikhi in search bar

World Sikh Organization representative tweeted:

Ravi Singh of Khalsa Aid Tweeted:

DSU Tweeted:

Brother of Bhai Jagraj Singh (Late founder of Basics of Sikhi), Sunny Hundal Tweeted:

Here some more tweets asking YouTube to restore Basics of Sikhi account:

Sikhnet Tweeted:

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