A BuzzFeed Story has revealed a harsh reality to illegal Punjabi immigrants fleeing Punjab due to oppression. The report finds that the United States Government singled them out once they were caught and put into ICE jails.

The article covers the incredible survival story of Buta Singh who travelled for thousands of miles by air, boat, and foot illegally across several continents to reach the United States. The story gives a perspective to the hardship being dealt by Punjabis as they risk their lives to escape Punjab.

An Excerpt from the Buzz Feed Article:

“None of you are doctors,” the diplomat said. “None of you are engineers. Why would America want you?”

“Buta Singh’s 33 years, from his childhood and young adulthood in Punjab, to his voyage to America and his incarceration in Texas, tell the story of this mass migration. When he first arrived in El Paso in June 2013, trading the filthy clothes he’d worn on his journey for ICE’s navy-blue uniform, Singh didn’t expect to be imprisoned for long. But as the months dragged on, it seemed to him and the other young Sikhs in the South Texas jail that the government was singling them out.”

Read the Full Article: US Gov Cracks Down on Punjabi Immigrants

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