The Trump Campaign used a picture of Indiana’s Gurinder Singh Khalsa on their official flyer and identified the Sikh man as a Muslim. Gurinder took to social media to point out the major mistake by the Trump Campaign and stated he doesn’t support Donald Trump.

He wrote:

“Shocking and disturbing to know Trump Compaign showing my picture as Muslims Support Trump on his Campaign flyers. I don’t support Trump and I am not Muslim. We are Sikhs. We are not against Muslims but since 9/11 we have been the most targeted community for sectarian violence and hate crime in US. This Trump Compaign flyer has created more confusion of distinct and unique identify Sikhs. This is the reason #SikhsPAC came into existence.Sikhs are in America for over 100 years . Sikh faith originated from India over 500 years ago.”

Gurinder Singh Khalsa is the founder of the first Sikh political action committee called the SikhsPac

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