BREAKING: Train Accident in Ludhiana, Several Reported Dead

An accident between a train and several motorists occurred at the crossing of Gyaspura railway gate of Ludhiana. The number of people reported dead on the spot was 5 but some have stated the toll is high as 7 with several other injured taken to the hospital.

The railway crossing gates were closed causing the traffic to wait until the train passed. However, it’s being reported the crossing gate was opened prior to arrival of the train. Some on the scene stated that the train from a different track came which wasn’t closed. The matter is under investigation by the police.

Due to darkness, the train came and people on the tracks did not have enough time to completely cross the railway tracks. The train struck the several people which killed him on the spot.

There was chaos on the railway tracks as the onlooking traffic became stunned at what occurred.

Other reports have suggested that the train crossing gate was opened before the train arrived which is being investigated by the police.

Here is a video from the scene showing people on the tracks and the train crushing them:

Sad News 7-8 persons killed Train Accident held today evening at Giaspura crossing Ludhiana & many injured.

Posted by Gurpreet Singh Dhunna on Saturday, February 29, 2020

Prabhat Mishra broke the news on social media:

Big news has come out from Ludhiana at this time. Where 5 people have been hit by the train. This heartbreaking case…

Posted by Prabhat Mishra on Saturday, February 29, 2020

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