BREAKING: Student Forced to Take Off Turban For Exam in MP

A Sikh student was forced to be humiliated by the authroties making him take off his turban for an exam in MP. The young boy a student of class 12 appeared for the board exams at the Dhanmod Government Secondary School in Dhar District of Madya Pradesh on Monday.

The young boy stated that he was made to take off the turban and frisked in what the school called an anti cheating drive.

After the student filed a complaint, the authorities removed the assistant head of the examination centre.

The boy told India Today:

“I was appearing for my Class 12 exam at the Dhanmod Higher Secondary School centre and I was made to take off my turban while I was entering the examination hall. I tried to resist and also complained about it to the centre head but I was told that this was the examination process prescribed by the MP education board,” the class 12 student, in his complaint to the district authorities, said.

“This was humiliating for me and I could not perform well in the exam because of the stress that was generated,” he added.

The Dhar District Tribal Development Commissioner told the media that an investigation was launched on why the boy was asked to take off the turban and an inquiry was given.

The woman Mamta Chaurasia was removed who asked the boy to take off his turban.

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