BREAKING: Sikh Deputy Sheriff in California Attacked by Gunmen

California’s Santa Clara County’s Sheriff Deputy Sukhdeep Gill survived an ambush attack from gunmen according to the county’s police officials.

Press officials were briefed on the incident and were allowed to hear sheriff yell “shots fired” a few times.

Deputy Sukhdeep Gill patrolled the area around Morgan Hill when suddenly bullets fired at him while outside of his patrol car.

Lieutenant Brended Omori told the press that bullets were fired at random without the Deputy pulling anyone over.

4 bullets were fired at Deputy Sukhdeep, 3 of which hit his car and 1 hit him in the chest and disabling the body camera. Gill in a quick reaction fired back at the vehicle as he ran for cover and asked deputies for help through the radio.

Officials at the County Sheriff’s office called Deputy Sheriff Sukhdeep Singh “lucky” for surviving the ambush attack as the bullets could’ve hit him anywhere.

The officials have called the incident a hate crime due to Deputy Gill being a practicing turban wearing Sikh.

The suspects are still on the loose and Deputy Gill was not seriously injured in the attack.

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