BREAKING: Several Sikh Men Die After Carbon Dioxide Poisoning

Four Punjabi Sikh men died in a manure tank on a dairy farm in Pavia North Italy. The initial reports have suggested the carbon dioxide fumes overwhelmed the men which came from the cow manure.

The cause of death was reported to be all three men dying inside the manure tank after three of them tried to rescue the man cleaning the tank.

The two men who owned the farm were among the ones who died. The deceased were brothers Prem and Tarsem Singh. The brothers ran a farm producing milk and veal cattle and was known to be a large farm.

Media reports indicated the victims were named as: Prem and Tarsem Singh, aged 48 and 45 respectively, Arminder Singh (29) and Majinder Singh (28).

The new agriculture minister, Teresa Bellanova, tweeted condolences and said “safety at work is an inalienable right and we must make every effort to ensure it is respected”.

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