Santokh Bola of Toronto was brutally beaten by a police officer on Nov 1 in a parking lot. A video of the incident was shot by a bystander. The man is suing the the city for 5 million dollars after sustaining serious injuries in the beating.

Officer beating up Bola
Officer beating up Bola

Bola says he was headed to his family business to help his grandfather when suddenly 2 police officers approached him with their guns drawn at him.

The video of the officers appears to show the man being arrested while one police officer punches the man in the face while the other restrains him. In the video, Bola is heard saying “Please, I didn’t do anything.

“Oh my god…let me go, let me go! Sir, I beg you!”

The officer is heard saying, “No you’re under arrest, put your hands over your head.”

The report filed by lawyers of Bola state that the police failed to follow procedure and instead were violent without reason.

The lawyer revealed Bola has a mental disability and that he poses no threat to anyone.

The police officers were all on duty and the Etobicoke General hospital says he was treated for serious head injuries, emotional trauma and abrasions to the face.

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