BREAKING: Rihanna in Interview Speaks Out on Farmers Protest, Kangana Ranaut

In the most recent interview of pop singer Rihanna, she came out in support of the farmers protesting on Delhi borders. The interview was done by a LilRay, a young boy whose a star on Instagram.

During the interview, Rihanna was asked whether she was scared of the response to supporting the farmers protest.

She responded by saying:

“When it comes from a true place, the last thing on your mind is how people are going to react.”

“To see them acknowledged in the world like that is impressive and I’m proud.”

Rihanna’s single tweet set off a Twitter storm worldwide causing celebrities from around the world to show support for the farmers movement. After Rihanna’s tweet, Greta Thunberg tweeted which was met with a massive response also. The following day, Indian cricketers and Bollywood actors responded with a similar message to counter the support received from Rihanna.

This was Rihanna’s original tweet:

Celebrities such as Kyle Kuzma, Meena Harris, Juju Schuster, Fresno Mayor, and others all took to Twitter to express their support. The tremendous celebrity outpouring resulted in news media companies from around the world to publish articles causing international attention to the farmers cause.

The niece of VP Kamala Harris tweeted in favor of the farmers and an attempt was made to intimidate her.

She responded to the intimidation of her pictures being burned by an organization in India.

The two lone cricket stars to support the farmers protests Irfan Pathan and Manjoj Tiwary.

The United Nations responded to the farmers protests:

The United nations responded to the protests in India

After Rihanna’s tweet the hashtag farmers protest was trending in most countries of the world.