Bhai Manvir Singh of the Akhand Kirtaniye Jatha has broken the news that renowned Kirtaniye Bhai Anantvir Singh suffered from a Paralysis attack while doing kirtan in the United States. A picture of Bhai Sahib surfaced online showing him in the hospital bed and he appears to be in chardi kala (rising spirits).


The Akhand Kirtan Jatha has appealed for everyone to do ardas for Bhai Sahib. He’s one of the most up and coming Kirtaniye who has very significant following in the United States, Canada, and UK.

What is Paralysis?

“Paralysis refers to the loss of muscle function and is usually accompanied by sensory loss in the affected area. It’s usually caused by damage to the central nervous system especially the spinal cord. Causes include stroke, trauma, nerve damage, polio, multiple sclerosis, etc. Paralysis can occur either partially or fully. Lower half paralysis is called paraplegia and paralysis of both arms and legs is called quadriplegia. It happens because the brain can’t send messages to the different parts of the body for various reasons. If the nerve fibres are damaged the paralysis is usually irreversible.” Source the Health Site

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