Rats were found on an Air India plane causing it to be grounded. The Airbus A320 Air India jet was removed from service to get the plane fumigated in Leh, Ladakh Northern India.

The rats pose a major cause of threat to planes as they can chew away electric wires and disrupt important systems. According to the International Airline standards, planes must be fumigated even if there is an unconfirmed sighting.

Rodents usually arrive inside a plane from catering vehicles that are full of food.


Air India faces another problem as the Leh Airport doesn’t have equipment to fumigate the plane.

However an official told a local reporter, ‘The aircraft will be fumigated [today] and kept locked for a couple of hours. After that it will hopefully be flown back to Delhi in the little window of operation that Leh offers.’

The Leh airport is one of the highest in the world at more than 10,500 feet above sea level.

Air India is known to have a major problems with rats on it’s planes. Four sightings of rat were reported on Air India planes including a flight from New Delhi to London.

An incident which received a lot of attention from Air India flight from Amritsar to Toronto which was delayed for 12 hours as staff tried to capture a rat in the plane.

Passengers were made to fly on an another plane due to the inability to capture the rat.

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