BREAKING: Racist Drives Car Into Elderly Sikh Man in Colorado, USA

A man in Jefferson County rammed his car into a 61 year old Sikh man named Lakhwant Singh and yelled “go back to your country”. However, the Jefferson County district attorney’s office is not treating the incident as racist or hate crime.

The Sikh man suffered broken arm, damage to ribs, and internal bleeding, multiple bone fractures, a fracture in the spinal cord and head injuries.

The county prosecutor stated that there is no evidence to claim that the motive of the attack was hate.

The 36 year old man Eric Breeman was arrested and faces charges of attempt to murder, first degree assault, and leaving the scene with serious injury.

The DA was not convinced that the attacker shouting “go back to your country” was enough for hate crime charges.

Read the entire incident prior to the attack: The Indica

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