(DSU News Bureau) 2 Bus companies of Punjab Highway and Satluj opened fire at each other in ludhiana at the crowded Jalandhar Bypass Chowk yesterday. The 2 injuries were due to sharp edged weapon attacks during the clash between the two companies.

The rival companies attacked each other over bus timings. The Salem Tabri police registered charges of attempt to murder and confiscated a pistol and sharp knives from the scene.

In the past, the companies had issues with each other over picking up passengers during certain times of the day. Reportedly, around 5 people were led by Sukha of Alamir at the Jalandhar Bypass who attacked the employees of Satluj bus company. The Highway company staff allegedly opened fired causing manager of Sutlej Inderjit Singh to suffer bullet injuries.

During the clash, the Sutlej company employees attacked the rival group with sharp knives causing one injury. The injured were admitted to the hospital.

Police arrived on the scene to disperse the clash and arrested six people related to the incident.

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