BREAKING: Positive Dead Crows Force Closure of Red Fort

The Red Fort in Delhi, popularly knows the ‘Lal Qila’ was closed until January 26 due to dead crows found onsite that tested positive for the H5N1 bird flu. The Department of husbandry which tests the crows found that up to 15 crows were found dead in the area of the Red Fort.

Samples of the crows were sent to the Northern Regional Diease Diagnostic Lab located in Jalandhar, Punjab for testing.

After tests returned positive, the lab informed the Delhi Government that it was a case of the bird flu. The government forced the closure of the Red Fort until at least January 26th in time for the celebrations.

The government called on sanitation crews to immediately start the process of disinfecting the site.

“Deep sanitisation and cleaning of the area is now being carried out,” the official said.

Archeological Survey of India issued an order to close the fort.

According to the Hindustan Times, an owl was also tested positive for the bird flu at the Dehi Zoo.

The government hasn’t enforced any restrictions on the consumption of eggs at the current time but preventive measures at poultry markets are being taken place.

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