The United States U.S Customs and Border Protection have found a beetle called the Khapra Beetle inside chick peas from a shipment coming in from India.


The inspection specialists found larvae and beetles inside the bags of chick peas. The containers were sent to a USDA inspection plan station where they were tested positive of the dangerous beetle.

The entire shipment 13,736 kg will be sent back to India.

The beetles are considered a top threat by the Unite United States Department of Agriculture, posing a risk to eradicate as the beetle can survive long periods of time without food or moisture and resistant to insecticides.

“Previous U.S. detection of this tiny beetle have required massive, long-term and costly control and eradication efforts,” said a website which tracks dangerous insects.

Last fall, agriculture specialists at the Port of Oakland said they sent 1.2 million pounds of soybeans and 88,000 pounds of rice back to India.

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