A Sikh journalist by the name of Manku Singh who works for TV Asia and the only Sikh Journalist assigned at the White House suffered from a heart attack.

The journalist collapsed inside the East Room just before President Obama was to speak. A secret service agent quickly responded when Singh fell to the ground and noticed he had no pulse.


The agent performed CPR and tried to revive him while administering oxygen. A technician noticed four minutes later and had said “we have a rhytm.”

The emergency medical personel arrived on the scene and by then Singh had a strong pulse. The Sikh man Manku Singh was taken to the George Washington Hospital.

At the hospital, catheterisation was performed and signs of encouragement appeared.

“Secret Service literally saves a life in back of East Room,” Benjamin Corb, who was in the East Room representing the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, tweeted about the incident.

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