Indian man Jagdish Bhalla held hostage inside a gas station along with employee in California. However, the gas station owner Jagdish Bhalla told reporters the gunman was a very nice guy.


He told a local reporter,
“I’m feeling great” “He was nice to me. He never misbehaved, did not use filthy language. He treated me very respectful.”

Since the gunman was so nice the owner gave him a brisk ice tea so that he wouldn’t “have a hard attitude toward me.” The 2 hostages were allowed to leave but kept in the back room during a standoff with police.

The gas station owner further stated the gunman treated him well and allowed him to make a phone call to his family. At one instance, the gunman fell asleep and Jagdish and the employee decided to make a run. However, the gunman woke up and forbid them not to.

Jagdish added the gunman didn’t point the gun at him and but treated him very respectfully.

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