‘Guys, we’re looking for my 18 year old cousin from Oakville. His name’s Jaskomal/Jas Singh and he just finished his first year at Brock.


NO ONE HAS HEARD OR SEEN HIM IN OVER 48 HOURS. We are so soo scared. His family is frantically going around and looking for him. The cops have been alerted. We’re just praying he’s safe and sound and doesn’t make any drastic decision.

He must have told someone something or he must be with some friends so please please share this post (esp in ontario) so we can reach out to him or to someone who may have heard/seen him since.

Jaskomal if you’re seeing this – your mom is going crazy. She won’t eat or sleep, she just keeps crying. Please just let her know you’re safe. All your parents want is for you to be safe.

We are all so worried and you wont believe how many people are at your place hoping to hear from you. You don’t have to come back home or do anything that you don’t want to but please just reach out to your mom, in any way, to tell her that you’re okay. We all love you so much please be okay.’ Concerned family member.

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