A fake Nihang was busted by Singhs at Guru Gobind Singh Sahib’s Gurpurab celebrations at Sri Patna Sahib. People were giving the man money for tying a 4 foot tall turban which is traditionally worn by Nihang Singhs and refered to as Dumalla Sahib.

The man had used a basket with cardboard box to make a fake turban template and wrapped some fabric around his basket. Inderpal Singh, a Nihang Singh approached the man as he suspected something didn’t appear to be normal.

He asked the man a few questions to which he miserably failed to answer. Inderpal knew this man was a fake and shortly thereafter several Nihang Singhs gathered and exposed the man. The man collected money from the sangat as they thought he was a spiritual person. However, the man turned out to be a fake and was exposed in front of the sangat.

The sad thing about the whole incident is that the dumalla shaped turban is a blessing from Baba Fateh Singh Ji and today people are using it for their own benefits.

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