BREAKING: Eyewitnesses Say 2 Sikhs Beaten in Delhi by Group of Men

A Sikh Channel reporter Jasvinder Singh Delhi arrived at LIC Colony in South Delhi near Meera Bagh where reportedly two Sikhs were being beaten by a group of men.

The eyewitnesses interviewed in the live Facebook revealed that the two Sikh men were being badly beaten and he tried to intervene. He further stated he tried to help the two Sikh boys but several other men in the mob came on the scene to aid the suspects.

The cause of the beating is not known but a meeting was organized as mentioned in the video to further investigate the issue. The reporter tried to ask the Delhi Police questions but they refused to give any details and denied any incident had occurred.

The victims were not on the scene of the incident. The reporter and other Sikhs arrived on the scene after a distress phone call and a live video was made by one of the eyewitnesses.

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