The US Federal Court of New York has summoned Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee Head Manjit Singh GK for accusations of ‘using torture as tool to wrest control of Delhi Sikh body.’

A complaint was filed by victims under “Torture Victim Protection Act” (TVPA) of 1991 which seeks punitive and compensatory damages against Manjit Singh GK.

The act also allows lawsuits to be filed in the United States against individuals who commit torture on foreign soil.

TOI reported that:

Plaintiff Harjit Singh, a former ally of Manjit Singh GK and active supporter of SAD (Badal) has alleged that a reign of death threats and torture was unleashed by Punjab Police at the orders of GK after he refused to extend support and campaign for him during DSGMC election of 2013.

Janki Kaur, a widow of 1984 Anti-Sikh violence alleges that she was harassed in front of GK when she went to claim compensation at DSGMC head office at Rakab Ganj. Although compensation was approved eventually but she was threatened by GK not to report the mistreatment to the media, the complaint has alleged.

Legal advisor for Sikhs for Justice said, “Since GK enjoys patronage of SAD-Badal an ally of ruling BJP, the victims were forced to approach the US Federal Court.”

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