BREAKING: Deep Sidhu Arrested in Zirakpur

Deep Sidhu was arrested in Zirakpur over the incident at the Red Fort in Delhi on January 26. The Delhi police had announced a reward for 1 lakh rupee.

The accusations against Deep Sidhu are that he instigated chaos at the Red Fort.

Deep Sidhu has stated in his live videos that there was a conspiracy against him by the far leaders. He has stated that he’s done nothing wrong and that he did not lead people to the Red Fort.

A total of 122 people have been arrested so far by the Delhi police.

Police SHO of Zirakpur stated he had no “intimation” or information that Deep Sidhu was in Zirakpur.

He was quoted : Onkar Singh Brar, SHO Zirakpur says Zirakpur police had no intimation about Deep Sidhu’s arrest and they have not assisted any police party regarding Deep Sidhu’s arrest.

Delhi police issued a statement:

Dr. Darshanpal Singh issued a statement on Jagbani:

Arrest video of Deep Sidhu: