Singhs numbering in over 800 cancelled the Akali Dal meeting inside the Gian Sweet and Banquet hall in Abbotsford, Canada. The meeting time and event was reportedly unknown until about an hour before the meeting.

Word quickly spread among Sikhs of the event and Sikhs quickly gathered in hundreds to protest outside of the sweet shop.

Sikhs protested outside of the venue and due to the massive numbers police was called on the scene. A minor clash took place between the two parties but police quickly separated the 2 sides.

The protesting Singhs say they just wanted to ask questions to the Akali representatives but they refused to speak to them and things intensified.

The protest in Abbotsford follows protests against the Akali Dali in Toronto, Seatle, and New York.

clash outside Gian Sweets During Akali Meeting by dailysikhupdates

Singhs speaks out after clash by dailysikhupdates

Massive Protest in Abbotsford Against Akali Dal by dailysikhupdates

Police Officer address:

Akali Event Cancelled by dailysikhupdates

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