Ranjit Power owner of the Ramada Park Hall Hotel & Spa in Wolverhampton, UK has gone missing. The family has put up a reward of £10,000 for any information leading to a safe return.

Ranjit failed to return from a business Trip to India. The fear of the family is that he’s either been kidnapped or murdered. A family member told reporter that he hadn’t called which isn’t normal for him not to.


“We’re fearing that somebody is holding my father against his will or, worst still, he is no longer alive,” she said.’Staying strong’

“My father is in and out of the country. It’s not out of the norm for him to jump on a flight and go to India or Dubai but he is always on the telephone,” she said.

“Me and my brother … we’re just pulling together and staying as strong as we possibly can and focussed,” she said.

“My dad is the head of our family and without my dad it is very difficult but we know what we have to do. We’ve got to bring my father home.”

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