BREAKING: Akali Leader Snatches Mic from Dhadi Singing on Stage

During a Dhadi performance outside the Akaal Takhat Sahib today, a senior member of the SAD Badal, Sucha Langah grabbed the microphone off the Dhadi Jatha and started to shout and cause a disturbance.

The Dhadis were singing Vaars of Akali Phula Singh and praising puratan Jathedars. While singing the vaars, the Dhadis ended up mentioning current Akal Takht Jathedar and recent incidents at which Sucha Langah sitting nearby became upset and snatched the mic. Immediately after, SGPC Task Force members ran over to control the situation.

The officials of the SGPC assured the Akali Leader that from here on Dhadis will be given strict orders before singing their vaars.

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